Whether you signed up to make spooky Halloween snacks for the kids’ class party or want to serve a crowd-pleasing treat, it will creep up before you know it.

Halloween is all about the candy but save it for the trick-or-treaters! Instead, try one of these easy, non-candy options that are a little more nutritious and sure to put your kids in the Halloween spirit. Here are eight fun, delicious snacks that will be monster hits at your Halloween party.


The following Halloween snacks are fun, quick, and easy treats kids can help make without getting discouraged. You’ll find Vampire Apples, Candy Corn Fruit Parfait, Mummy Dogs, and more. Many of them only take a few ingredients. Some of these will require adult help (baking the cookies or hot dogs) but decorating and assembling should be within the scope of most kids. Choose your recipe and share photos of your creations with us on social using #NutritionForME.