The exciting thing about fish is that there are many ways to enjoy it! Whether you prefer it baked, seared, grilled, or even in the form of a fish cake, we have plenty of recipes for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for specific ways to flavor your fish, we also have a few tasty seasonings for you to try!

Most of the fish that you’ll find in Maine are white and flaky. More often than not, these fish can be substituted for each other in different recipes, and the result will be just as delicious. For example, for the hake fish cakes, if you have another white, flaky fish on hand, such as haddock, the fish cakes will still turn out great!

In addition to different ways of cooking fish, there are also so many exciting flavors to try. Dry fish rubs can elevate your seafood and give you the kick of flavor that you’re looking for. If you prefer something a little less complex in flavor, a simple combination of oil, lemon, and herbs is a fantastic way to brighten up any fish.

See the following recipes to try some delicious fish and homemade seasonings: