BakeTo cook food in an oven with dry heat.
BoilTo cook food quickly in heated liquid. The liquid moves rapidly, and large bubbles keep breaking the surface. Often used for vegetables and pasta.
BroilTo cook food directly under the heat source of a gas or electric oven. Often used for fish and tender cuts of meat.
BrownTo cook quickly over high heat, usually on top of the stove, so the surface of the food turns brown and the inside stays moist.
ChopTo cut into pieces, which can vary in size.
DiceTo cut into small, even cubes, usually about ¼ inch per side.
GrillTo cook food directly on the heat source of a gas, charcoal, or wood grill. Often used for fish, tender cuts of meat, and vegetables.
KneadTo mix and work the ingredients that makeup dough into a smooth, elastic form. Can be done with hands or a heavy-duty mixer.
MinceTo cut food into even smaller pieces than diced.
MixTo beat or stir two or more foods together until they are combined.
PoachTo cook food gently in large amounts of heated liquid. The liquid moves slightly, but no bubbles break the surface. Often used for eggs, fish, and fruit.
RoastTo cook by dry heat, usually in an oven.
SautéTo cook food with a small amount of fat or oil on a stove. Heat the fat until hot (but not smoking), add the food, and cook to the stated time or tenderness.
SimmerTo cook food slowly in heated liquid. Small bubbles should break the surface. Often used for meats and stews that benefit from slow cooking.
SliceTo cut into wide, thin pieces.
SteamTo cook food quickly in a covered pot with moist heat from a small amount of heated liquid. The food is held above the liquid by a basket or rack. Often used for vegetables and fish.
WhiskTo beat ingredients with a fork or a “whisk.” This adds air and increases the volume. The mixture appears light and fluffy.