As the cold weather is quickly approaching here in Maine, it can be hard to find ways to stay active during the cooler months. Whether it’s a lack of motivation or you’re running out of ideas for how to stay active, the article below offers tips for staying active when it’s cold outside. There are a variety of different outdoor activities that are both fun and a good way to get a little sunlight.

If you find yourself going outside to enjoy all the fun activities winter has to offer, don’t forget to layer up and do some stretching. This will help to keep your body warm and prevent injuries. However, if the snow and ice become too much to handle or you simply want to stay warm, there are also many indoor activities that can be fun for you and your whole family. A little bit of movement can go a long way in terms of your overall mental and physical health!

Check out this great article from the American Heart Association – How to Stay Active in Cold Weather.

A little bit of movement can go a long way!